Meet Ali Conrad and Brooke White - childhood best friends, university roommates and now-business partners. 
Brooke (left) and Ali (right)

 While spending a good portion of our 20’s traveling as much as our corporate jobs/PTO would allow, we became intimately familiar with the ever so common struggle that is online bikini shopping. From unreasonable return policies, to vague product descriptions, child-like sizing, and ultra-high end pricing (not to mention the duties!!!) - we figured there has to be a better way.

*enter SunBae Swim*

As we move through the growing pains of being a small business, our goal has always been to start and end with experience. Shopping online for swim is awful – but it doesn’t have to be. So we started with the basics we felt other brands overlooked: quality staples, detailed fit guides, adjustable features wherever possible, and 24/7 super accessible customer service.


Chiara, Vannesia, Jess and Robin (from left to right)



Both with totally different body types, we understand there’s no one size (or style) fits all for swimwear. We wanted to help our customers shop our pieces by showing how each piece and size works on different bodies.

In summer of 2020, we reached out to our community and invited 8 size and fit models, sized small through XL, to consult us as we built new swim. We gained feedback on style and fit elements, photographed them in our cuts, and featured them on a Shop Your Body Shape page with their sizing, measurements, and style comments. Working with these amazing ladies, we’ve been able to offer more consistent sizing and thoughtful fit guides to take the guesswork out of shopping our site.



As women, we understand the importance of confidence - whether you’re on the beach, at a rooftop pool or just tanning at home with family or friends - we promise you’ll feel your best in our swim.

We love hearing from you, seeing your tags on social, and putting faces to the names of our growing community. We don’t take feedback lightly – in fact, we’ve built entire collections around it! So make sure to sign up for our newsletters, send us your 2 cents, and never hesitate to let us know how we can make your summers a little sexier!



Ali and Brooke